Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I obtain a pitch or stall on a Spook Erection market?

Answer: By arriving as early as possible before the official advertised opening time of the market, on the first day you intend to trade and join the casual queue. If in doubt about where the casual queue forms, you should make yourself known to the Market Superintendent who will allocate you a pitch on a first come first served basis, as soon as he is able to do so. He will also make you aware of all the market rules.

Question: Do I get to keep the pitch or stall allocated to me?

Answer: The pitch or stall allocated to you will be at the Company’s absolute discretion, normally yours automatically for each subsequent trading day, covering that particular and specific market for as long as such trading position may exist. Please note that this is only a concession not a right on behalf of the Company for convenience in the smooth operation of the market.

Question: What are the charges?

Answer: Our charges vary from market to market and are based on the size of your pitch, ie, frontage used, depth is non chargable, you can use as much depth as you wish or as available to you. Rental charges based on ie, 3 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet, 13 feet, 18 feet, 26 feet, 32 feet, 39 feet, 46 feet, 52 feet, 59 feet, 65 feet depending on which market you trade. To find out more about charges for a specific market contact our office on 01768-895032 preferably during office hours Monday-Friday.

Question: Are there any goods which I am not allowed to sell?

Answer: Live animals, BB Guns, Fireworks, Tobacco products and all counterfeit goods are amongst the goods prohibited.

Question: Does the Company supply me with a built-up stall in every market?

Answer: At the moment we only supply built-up stalls on our Bathgate market on Wedensdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Question: Will I need Public liability before I trade on a Spook Market?

Answer: If you wish to have a Childrens Ride or alike, Car Wash, Tattooist, Face Painting, or Hairdressing etc you would need Public Liability cover prior to trading, if you are unsure please contact our office for advise.

Spook Erection do have their own up-to-date Public Liability, and cover many eventualities, however, it is best to have your own cover of Public Liability, to be on the safe side.